We only get one planet. Protecting it requires engagement from all industries and ours is clearly no exception. Spark Productions aims to produce first-class content with a conscious approach

We take our responsibility and are committed to reducing the impact our work has on the environment, even though we realize that there is still a lot to learn. 

With an open mind, we will continue to make positive contributions wherever we can. For we believe that together – with a little bit of effort – we can make a big difference.

Better practices

We encourage an environmentally conscious workplace. Our Amsterdam office has so far adopted the following waste minimization practices: phasing out of single-use plastics, cutting back on paper use, and unplugging our electronics as often as we can. 
To compensate for unavoidable emissions, such as business travels, we invest in carbon offsets.

Better cause

Spark Productions offsets all flights booked for clients and crew through Trees for All. Trees for All is the only CBF-recognized foundation in the Netherlands providing carbon offset via sustainable forestry projects. Their mission is to plant new forests worldwide and to protect and restore existing forests. 

In this way we contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions for local people. For more information click here.

Better together

In collaboration with our clients, crews and vendors, we are joining forces, talents, strengths, and influence to minimize our environmental footprint. 

Our productions are distinguished by comprehensive recycling, absence of single-use plastic, carbon offsets for flights, digital invoices and call sheets, the use of hybrid cars and shared transportation when possible, donations, re-use and recycling of set materials, and donation of leftover food.