Spark Productions is a full-service creative production company based in Amsterdam. We help brands and agencies from all over the world to convey their stories to their audiences by creating high-end photography, global commercials and digital content. From start to finish. On set and behind the scenes.

SPARK services. An eye for detail, an ear for the creative language. We assist clients throughout every single phase of the process, offering a broad range of services in the areas of pre-, set- and post production. From location and talent research to organizing crew, catering, logistics, equipment rentals, permits and live events. We dot the i’s and cross the t’s to make sure we meet and exceed our client’s creative goals.

SPARK community. We are creative connectors. Having worked on all continents, we have built an impressive international community of talented top creatives and crew members in any major field of expertise. Plus, we know most cities around the globe like the back of our hands. Mixing our broad network with years of experience, allows us to produce literally anywhere

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